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The Cosmic Play

A Cosmic Play Unfolding...

Let me tell you a story....What if...

A long long time ago there was a being (of many more such beings) who had learnt the lessons of Correctness,
the Correct way.
And he kept walking the Right Road for a very long time...
until one day he looked around...
(a 'Wrong' act, after a long time?)
and found himself all alone,
and no one else near in sight.
And what if he could not bear the burden of his progress,
and went back on the road, looking for others.

To show them the path, to guide them in all ways about Walking the Way.

And the ones he most encountered, when he returned, were little evolved beyond beasts,
except in body.
And what if in trying to teach them
he did not take the necessary precautions that one should take
when in the company of beings ignorant of their Ignorance.

And so, what if in the ones he taught,
"ate" him,
and so "Became" what he was,
in appearance,
and in thinking,
and in action,
and in body,
and in emotions,
and in mind,
and in intellect,
and in ego,
and even in soul.

Did I leave something out?
They Became him in every way,
except as he Really was.

So what was spawned, was a culture of distorted beings capable of reaching the milestone he had reached on the Road,
before turning back.
Capable in every way of what he could have been, or dream of being, and
even of things he would despair of.

And generally reaching that milestone by roads other than the one used by him.
Roads that were paved with blood and tears and bones.

Would not that culture, when it reached its peak,
Be, the 'Black' age?

what if such a Returning,
by such a one, were necessary,
in the view of the Boundless Consciousness,
Who stands at the end of all roads.
...For the act of winnowing....

( be continued, ....)

The site is offered, humbly and lovingly, in the service of humankind, amongst others....


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